You can access the carpark via Victor St, Chatswood. Validation machines are located throughout the centre which will grant shoppers 3 hours of free parking with validation*.

The Mandarin Centre carpark is managed by Wilson Parking and they can be reached on 18007275464 or email should you have any concerns or queries.

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Opening Times

Monday to Saturday & Public Holidays 6.00am to 1.30am
Sunday 6.00am to 12.30am


Carpark Rates

Monday – Sunday, Public Holidays Normal Rates **
0 Mins – 3 Hrs $9.00 (Free with ticket validation)
3 Hrs – 3.5 Hrs $11.00
3.5 Hrs – 4 Hrs $13.00
4 Hrs – 5 Hrs $15.00
5 Hrs – 6 Hrs $25.00
6 Hrs – 7 Hrs $30.00
7 Hrs+ (Daily Maximum) $35.00
Overnight $20.00 + Maximum Daily Rate
Earlybird (Monday to Friday only)
Enter between 6.00am & 9.30am
Exit between 3.00pm & 7.00pm
Lost ticket charged at maximum daily rates $35.00

* Only one 3 hour free validation period, per entry, per day. If you park beyond your 3 hour free validation period, casual rates apply from time of entry.

** 1.25% surcharges applies with all Credit Card transactions. Rates apply from time of entry and close per day. Overnight surcharge $66 + casual rates. Entry subject to terms and conditions located at car park entry & throughput car park.

Ticket Validation

  • $9 Early Bird parking is available for cars who enter between 6am to 10am and exit from 3.30pm to 7pm on the same day. Validating tickets is NOT required for Early Bird Parking. If ticket is validated, the charge will be the regular all day rate of $35.
  • DO NOT re-insert your parking ticket into the machine - If the ticket is validated more than once, this will destroy the time stamp on the ticket and the charge will be $9.00 for under three hours instead of free.
  • Parking for over 3 hours does not need to be validated – there is no discount with validation above three hours.
  • The red light, at the validation machine, means validation is OK.
  • Validation has occurred when a small barcode has been added to the top of your ticket

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