What's On

Delicious Catering Options

Office lunch? School event? Let us cater to you with our delicious catering options.


Want to win a $200 strike gift card? Click the link below to find out how.

Oz Hot Pot Buffet Lunch

We all love a good buffet feast just as much as the next person, and now you can eat till your hearts content at Oz Hot Pot Mandarin Centre Chatswood.

Miracle Liquor is now open!

Imagine this - It’s Friday afternoon, it’s been a long week at work, you’re on your way home and realise you’ve run out of your favourite drop of Whiskey!

What's on at Strike

Bowling on a Monday? Strike Chatswood’s got an event for that.

Laser tag on a Friday? Strike Chatswood got an event for that.

Let’s Re-use Our Bags!!

We have provided a shopping bag wall in the centre that you can use in case you have forgotten to bring you own, or you can stock us back up with your unwanted bags.

Instagram Photo Opportunity

Come and check out our new interactive boards and trick your Insta and Facebook friends in to believing you have just popped out of a magician’s hat or you are patting a giant tiger! Go on, have a bit of fun!

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